Back to School–You’re never TOO Old!

The end of summer is typically signaled with Back to School (and also me turning one year older! Woowee!)—many parents are giving thanks for their kids getting back on a schedule, as well as out of the house for school.  Back to School is typically for the kids, and college students, but it can also mean some changes for you from your “break” during the summer.  I just love celebrating Back to School!  Will you celebrate with me this year?

The summer often begins with a mad dash to the gym for the “bikini” or “beach body” preparations.  (Sorry guys, no mention of Speedos here…)  As the summer progresses, the focus subsides with all of the cookouts filled with indulgence of hotdogs, hamburgers, various desserts, snowballs, and your other favorite summer delights.  I’m certainly not going to pretend that I don’t indulge, especially on the annual Family Vacation to Ocean City:  Thrasher’s fries, Dumser’s ice cream, Fractured Prune donuts, Fisher’s Popcorn and eating every meal out….. certainly a week of nutritional depletion.

Think about how Back to School can get you back on track with your eating, exercising, and overall a better grasp on life.  My favorite time of year is back to school (well, it’s really fall, but Back to School too!).  I used to love buying my new school supplies and my books as soon as they were available.  Now that I’ve completed my degree, I’m always looking for ways to educate myself—luckily, Reshape with Ape helps me share my nerdiness.

So, are you ready to celebrate Back to School with me?  How, you ask!?  Check out the first way, and stay tuned throughout the week for the remaining ideas:

Reevaluate your goals and change up your routines.

Whether or not you kept up with a routine throughout the summer, it may be time to change it up or start one if you haven’t yet.  Your body becomes accustomed to the program if you don’t change it up.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because if you’re working out then you’re doing a great thing for your body and your health.  However, if you’re looking for results and determined to meet a goal, then you need to mix it up about every 6 weeks.

Ways to change it up:

  1. Check out the new group fitness schedule at your gym (BAAC—yours is out now and we have a TON of special classes in September–see below for a couple of them!).  Consider adding in a new class to your routine.
  • Pilates Barre Classes (Schedule is online/Facebook)
  • Pilates Reformer Classes
  • Sunday, September 4th at 10AM–Rocky Cycle Class (with ME!)
  • Sunday, September 11th at 12PM–Teen Cycle Class (with ME!)
  • Saturday, September 24th at 9AM–Splish Splash Aqua Bash with Party Afterward
  1. Another option is personal training—with yours truly!  (There are payment plans and packages so hit me up if you’re interested!)  Even one personal training session can help you get back on track, help you set goals, and I can help you coordinate a program to jump start this celebration.  Let’s face it, now is the time to get your butt back on track before the holidays sneak up on us; as they always do.  (Yeah, I said it, but you know it is true!)
  1. For those of you who do not have gym memberships, you’re not alone.  There are a huge variety of options for you but you need to find ways to hold yourself accountable.  Schedule the time so that you’re committed to do it.  There are DVD workouts, running/walking/jogging, and activities to do inside your house, etc.  Push ups, planks, squats, jump rope are all activities that can be done with minimal or no equipment.  Just remember, that you should start out accumulating at least 30 minutes most days of the week, and eventually you’ll complete the 30 minutes and be ready for more!

These are just some ideas to get  you progressing towards a goal for this 2nd half of the year.  Think about your goal.  Set the big goal, but also have smaller goals to complete each week or every other week.

Hit me up with questions, that’s what i’m here for!!

Stay Tuned for More Ideas for Back to School……


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