Ape Becomes an RKC!

So i’m official!  After all my hard work, nerding it up (aka studying), and with everyone’s support—I PASSED THE RKC CHALLENGE!  :)

I geared up every day with my most favorite attire, required name tag, and of course my newest and most favorite accessory–my Violet Love headband (discount code coming soon–stay tuned!) to ensure I have a happy smiley attitude no matter what “punishment” I endured.  Although, my trouble for the weekend was “relax your face.”  Pavel even caught me on it.  Crap!  Can you imagine, me–not smiling!?!?  So, it became a “note” for so many of us to “SMILE!”  YAY!  Along with my gear, I had to rock out to some of my favorite and most inspirational music which turned out to be one of my favorite bands, Flatfoot 56.  For some reason, “We Grow Stronger” just seemed to stick in my head and I ended up singing it while driving and waking up to “Left foot right foot pick it up again!” stuck in my head.

Friday consisted of my flexed arm hang challenge–15 seconds with my chin above the bar.  Full body tension.  No swinging.  Chin up the whole time.  Whoop whoop!  Among many swings of punishment for bad discretion in our group (98 people!), not moving quick enough, or having bad “situational awareness”, I survived and my hands were in tact but certainly sore.  Danyelle and I made it back to our wonderful home for the weekend late again, so we grabbed grub and went to bed.  Of course, we were able to get Petersen’s!!

Each day I was up before the sun came up!  It was quite beautiful but didn’t satisfy my anxiety.  I’m just a little bit of a stress freak.  Saturday began bright and early and I learned so much from a number of people who I truly admire.  Team Smith consisted of our Team Leader Karen Smith, Assistant Joe Sansalone, and Assistant Gregory Frank.  Each were amazing with their assistance but a special shout out to Joe and Danyelle Berger (although Danyelle wasn’t on my team her support was truly awesome the whole weekend!!) for preparing me for these days.  Without your help, my hands certainly would have been TORN up and bloody!!  YIKES!  I felt really good after Saturday, but very nervous about Sunday.  A little sore obviously–my bum!–but ready to go for the next day!!!

Danyelle and I LOVED the town of Historic Clifton.  We discovered Petersen’s!  Talk about Heaven!!! Our nights consisted of this:

Petersen's #2!!!

A slice of Heaven!

Sunday was my big day.  Time to put everything I learned to the big test.  I wasn’t sweating the Snatch Test (100 swings in 5 minutes), but I was sweating the skills part–everything I learned from training and tweaked over the weekend was going to be assessed and determine if I was RKC material.  After lots of prayer, remembering Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” I was able to calm a bit.  I guess when someone asks if I’m ok because i’m too quiet then I’m still not totally calm and relaxed.  After the skills assessment, I rocked the snatch test.  Now, i’m not an overly confident person (I truly try to be humble, genuine and compassionate) but i’m a little sick because I LOVED LOVE LOVE doing 100 snatches in 5 minutes.  It really grew on me.  So, I’d like to say I owned that part of the test.

We didn’t find out how we did until after lunch, and after training our Victims.  I teamed up with Brandon who works with Gray Cook and he was absolutely amazing.  He had knowledge that I absolutely could feed off of and learn from.  We helped Ms. Sabrina hopefully develop a passion for kettlebells.  And, she smiled the entire time.  My favorite part.

After that, we were the victims of the Grad Workout.  Woowee!  Talk about sweaty–as i’m sure someone will eventually comment about with my pictures since I have pit stains in ALL of them.  HA!  (if not, I totally just gave it away or otherwise you all were just being nice! heehee!)

Pavel’s words as we were dismissed “Power to you” and “Await your fate.”  Deep breath…..


Of course you all know the results from my Facebook posts…..

I just wanted to thank everyone for their support for this Journey.  Although, the Journey is NOT over, it is JUST beginning!!!  The support I had going to RKC was so overwhelming and my heart was truly full of love going into this weekend.

Thank you all!

So much love, hugs, and lots of “tough love” to come!!!

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