Making a GIANT mess!

It is Sunday!!! And, for me that means my weekly preparation of food–and hoping that my husband is willing to clean up my mess.

I haven’t been able to make it to the farmer’s market yet in Bel Air to see some of my favorite farmers, so i’ve been on the local hunt especially since I  am sans CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) this year.  Total bummer.  Lancaster Fresh Farms is an amazing CSA, but they are not delivering to Towson this year.

I stopped at Huber’s Farm yesterday on my way home.  I  like the people and farmers there.  I truly enjoy meeting the people that help me feed my face.  Although all of their stuff isn’t exactly “local” this early in the season, it still helps small farmers.  The owner only gets stuff from ones he personally knows, that could possibly be with the exception of the $10 watermelon that the lady told me was from Florida–I easily skipped on that.  This is the hard part about eating with the seasons.  Sometimes you just can’t have what you want because it isn’t the season for it.  Think about that long and hard because it doesn’t just relate to food…..

When I shop with farmer’s, I always ask a million questions that they could find annoying.  But, I don’t care because I want to know everything…. In the midst of these questions, I was informed that they do not use pesticides except on cukes and squash–I did get zucchini…. hmm.  Note to self:  wash the heck out of those bad boys.

Anywho, I found a recipe that I was excited to make but left it at work.  Whomp whomp.  So, I sort of decided to make it and wing it.  I like making my own recipes from other recipes anyway.  It’s more fun and adventurous.  Basically, the recipe is for breakfast cupcakes!  Minus the sugar, don’t get too excited.  I also got a nice callous moisturizing from slathering up the pan with coconut oil.   Mmmm.  Here’s the recipe for those interested:  Spinach Sweet Potato Egg Nests from PaleoOMG

Since I had sweet potatoes that is why I wanted to rock the recipe.  I’ve been trying to be strict on getting all the protein I need, especially with RKC just around the corner–13 days to go!  Woowee!!



Finished Product--Weird Bubbles....


So, there it is.  First step was altered by shredding zucchini as well as a small sweet potato.  It was harder to get all the water out of the zucchini though…..

Step 2 was supposed to be frozen spinach, but I did fresh because I love it and always have that on hand.  Then, I actually put some of the turkey bacon in the bad boy.  Finished product–not sure if I over cooked the eggs or not to cause the bubbles.  Clubber hasn’t tasted them yet, but they were a little bit of a pain to get out of the pain.  Not sure why they weren’t perfect….. ha ha!  I think when I eat them I’ll probably add a little more spinach too before I heat them up.

On to the next shabang…. Thanks to MOM’s Organic Market I found a wonderful (freaking outstanding actually) sauce.  Truly amazing.  My co-worker is going to really thank me when she uses hers too.  Now, I HAD to use mine because I dropped the bottle.  I didn’t THINK it was broke but when I went into my pantry I realized I was wrong…. So, I had to cook it today.  Now, the Ginger People are my fav because I get car sick all the time so I love and live on their chews and candies.  I’ve even shared their stuff with my prego friends to get them through morning sickness.  Well, I found this sauce:

I decided to make a stir fry and avoided a lot of products at the grocery story because everything was from out of the country.  I ended up w/ cabbage, carrots, zucchini, and cauliflower.  And, I also had some fresh caught salmon.  I poured the sauce over the fish to marinate.  (It’s only 30 calories per serving so I think I am good.)  Then, I used a couple tablespoons in my stir fry after it was getting all heated up.  Let me just say–this turned out freaking fantastic.  The flavor is yum-o!  Certainly worth $4.  I was so hungry I didn’t take a picture of that.  Oh, and I added lots of asparagus which I shared with Clubber along with the salmon too.  Believe it or not, dogs have asparagus pee too!!!

There’s healthy eating for the week.

Remember to smile because you are awesome!!!! And, go out and do something you may not NORMALLY do–venture out–see trapeze school pic below!


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