Add A Little Color to Life

Someone who has taken my cycling class may recall me getting mad at my headband and flinging it (not to hit anyone in particular, but just throwing it to the floor….) the first few minutes of class when it begins to slip…. back, back, further back…. to the point of no return–off my head…. It is pretty frustrating!  I haven’t found a headband that stays on my peanut head–literally I wear child size hats and everything!!–UNTIL NOW!

Enter Violet Love Headbands.

As soon as I learned about the headbands (Thanks Neghar!), I immediately sought out the product.  After speaking with Colleen from Rebecca Michaels, I fell in love with the company too.  Very helpful, and super nice!  I was thoroughly hooked when I wore the band for the first time.  I then sought out to purchase a variety of colors for my wardrobe.  I wear them to work.  I wear them to play.  I wear them to the gym.  I wear them everywhere now–I actually am wearing my Bora Bora band right now as I type this!  I can’t wait to see the pictures from RKC weekend where I sported a different color each day!  Can you find my hair bling in this pic?  Danyelle Berger, RKC II and Assistant at MY RKC Weekend is also wearing one too!!!!!  Her subtle but yet beautifully colored band allowed her to still be “hard style” but still have some color and confidence added to her uniform!

Many of you may have noticed (or not…..) that I always added color to my typical boring, all black personal trainer uniform.  I always have tried to add a color pop somewhere (I’m inspired by The Wright Fit–Wendy)–most of the time it was my tank sticking out underneath my shirt.  Now, I am able to literally flaunt my head.  I wear my Violet Love headbands successfully in cycling, while doing my kettlebell classes, as well as my own workouts–aka practice.

I have discovered that even random places as you’ll see below–getting ready to feed some seals fresh fish and squid, YUM!–the Violet Love headbands stand out and are super fun!

I don’t share them very well because i’m sort of addicted to them.  After all, the Violet Love motto is “love me. wear me.  but don’t dare to share me.”  The exception for me is that I always share with my niece:

Since I’ve fallen in love with the headbands, I could only share the wealth in the sense that I tell each and every one of you where I get my bands.  Initially.

I am now pleased to announce the following discount code:  APEVL so that you TOO can share in the wealth of Violet Love by Rebecca Michaels!  Type in the CODE APEVL on any order and you will receive 20% off.



So, there it is!  Use it and help me spread the love.  Also, be sure to LIKE them on Facebook and sign up for their emails so you can learn all about their special offers and sales.





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