What do you think of YOU!?

On my home page, you see “Get Healthy, Get Fit, SMILE for you!” I wanted to take a moment to focus on the “Smile for you” part. 

There is a wide assortment of people reading my blog (I  hope a lot of people).  People of all different ages.  Age doesn’t matter, ever.  (Yes, I know the younger readers will say turning 18 to gain liberty, or turning 21 to drink and gamble, 62 to retire, etc.)  These are small feats for life.  Life is so powerful and we can take advantage of it at any time.  Have you ever realized you were taking advantage of life?  One day you tell someone you love them, and then next day they may not be here anymore.  (I will always love you Rene!)

Let’s focus on how to make your life a smile.  Regardless of your age, it is time to take charge.  I’ve been flying and traveling a lot lately.  You know how on the airplane the cockpit is completely off limits (you look at it every time you go to the bathroom!), the pilots are locked in there, and they control the entire plane–where it goes, where it stops, etc.  Most of the time, they are only flying from airport to airport.  They are flying where they can land successfully and take off without any issues–i.e., ideal conditions that are often delayed because of weather or depending on security.

We are totally guilty of that.  We have this American Dream.  We fly only where there is success.  We label ourselves by our jobs, by our goals, dreams.  That seems great, but are you truly living the life that you WANT to live?  Are you living life purposefully?

Baltimore Ravens’ fans.  At half time, you’re mad that the Team isn’t playing like a team.  While you’re in your house eating your deep fried foods, tortilla chips, wings, and anything else you are arguing with the TV that they need to start acting like they know how to play football and do what they are capable of.  The Baltimore Ravens return to their locker room holding their heads down because they are struggling.  Something is in their heads and they need to make changes.  This is HALF TIME.  This is when we go and take bathroom breaks, refill our drinks, and plates…..all the while they are making a change.

Have YOU ever had a half time in your life?  Remember, it doesn’t matter your age.  I’m turning 30 this year, and I feel like i’ve made changes that i’m still learning about and from and trying to live my life with purpose but i’m still open for even more changes.

Think about these questions:
-What do you want your life to be about?
-What do you want to live for?
-How do you want to be remembered?

I often tell everyone to dig deep.  Figure it out.  There is an ember in your heart’s deepest chamber and all you need to do is fan the flame to make it ignite and take off like a roaring fire.  (Refer to Where are you in the FIRE? if you need more information about your fire.)

Instead of pursing the American Dream, what about pursuing something individual to YOU.  What were you put in this world to do?  We ALL have a purpose, but sometimes we are too lazy or selfish to figure it out.  Are you playing the game you’re CAPABLE of?

You know that you see these things in your peripheral vision.  I know that gets checked every year when I visit my beloved Dr. Loskot.  You cannot move your eyes, but you have to see the finger on the side and repeat the number.  You know it is there, so for once, move your eyes.  LOOK AT IT.  SEE IT.  BELIEVE IT.  KNOW HOW FREAKING AWESOME YOU YOU YOU ARE!  And, pursue it.  Regardless of how tough it may be, dig deep.  Figure it out.  Don’t let the blindspot win.

Can you see the value in your life????


Here are some tips to ponder (aka:  homework–you know I love homework!)

1. How do you listen?  Do you listen?  I’m guilty–sometimes I can’t shut up to listen or shut my brain up.  Part of you knows there is something more but you need to figure out the rest.  Are you hiding?  Are you afraid to step out of your box?

2.  Who are you?  One of my counselors years ago asked me this.  Yeah, right.  I had no freaking clue.  I couldn’t be honest with myself.  I feel more confident now and understand the question more fully and know that I have some answers to it.  But, i’m being honest and still evolving.  I’m a huge work in progress.

Don’t moan and groan here.  We all make mistakes.  We aren’t perfect and we cannot act or pretend to be perfect.  We just aren’t made that way.  No one should expect you to be that way.  We all sin at some point, but it how we respond or act afterward that makes the difference.  You have to play your part.  You cannot just be on autopilot reading a book waiting for the fairy tale to end happily ever after.  Think about your failures and successes.  What are you missing?  What would you be willing to die for?

3.  Find ONE THING and I’m serious ONE, only one.  Yes 1.  What is the one thing you could put into a box that you put all your heart, body and soul into?  What is your core desire?

This is where digging deep brings discomfort.  This is where homework gets abandoned.  But in this thing called life, if we don’t figure out the questions to the homework we are going to fail.  We can skim by and maybe get a passing grade, but somewhere down the road “The dog ate my work homework” won’t be a laughing matter.  You’re the one cheating yourself.

Each and everyone of you have a special place somewhere in my heart.  My heart is open.  My heart is always willing to give out a smile and love regardless of how upset I may be.  I have hope in my heart for me, and for each and every one of you.  You’re awesome and I can see it.  Now, do your homework and figure out what that is…… Please.

Let’s reflect.

Can you see the beauty of you?  Can you see what other people see–the potential?  What you were made for?  It may not come right away, but listen.  Be open to what you may become.  See the potential you have.

Live your life and SMILE FOR YOU!


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