Beginning a New Journey

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I’m going to do the Whole30.  I’m planning to begin on September 17th so that my birthday celebration will be complete, and my vacation of a lifetime will be over.  In fact, it is the day after vacation that I begin.  I mean, I can’t forsee my overeating in Bora Bora to cause problems because it will most likely be fish and vegetables, but I will eat dessert on vacation.  Hmmm… I wonder what desserts the French Polynesian people are known for…. Drool.

I’ve heard of the Paleo “diet”, and I’ve heard of the no carbs, no cheese, etc. that comes along with it.  However, I resisted.  I didn’t think I could ever give up dairy because of my infatuation with ice cream–especially from Prigel.  Plus, I don’t ever want to think of what I’m doing as a “diet.”  After all diets don’t work.  Ever.  Once they are over you’re done and resort back to old ways.  This is NOT a diet.  This is a journey.  A new way for me to look at food and become LESS dependent on it.  I’m ready to live my life which includes eating to be healthy and feel healthy.  NOT—what I was doing—LIVING TO EAT.  I love food.  Like, really really love food.  I struggle with sweets even more, especially at my husband’s family events.  My mother-in-law makes the most fantastic chocolate chip cookies ever!!  They are known as “Love Cookies.”  And they are full of love.

I’ve been doing a TON of research, reaching out to friends and trying to talk to others who may be interested in embarking upon this journey with me.  This is NOT a weight loss journey.  In fact, one of the biggest elements of the program, is to THROW AWAY your scale.  Hide it.  Don’t be dependent on your scale.  In fact, I’ve written about this before, your scale could potentially cause problems for you.  I.e., I’m pretty strong and I weigh around 149-154!  That’s a big range to, but that’s normal for fluctuation.  Anywho, moving on….. I’m excited to begin this journey to heal my body and learn more about my body.  Some of us have food sensitivities, and I’m about to learn all about my body specifically and what works best and what on Day 31 and on may not work.

My struggle lately has been that I’m overdoing my cheating.  I do it because I think I can, but I know deep down inside it is not only affecting my emotions, but it is also effecting my SQUISHYNESS.  (When I think of squishyness, I think of my niece.  See below at her excitement of me coming over!)  Don’t get me wrong I’m strong.  And, I think I’m pretty awesome lately.  Not in a super over-conceded way, really–that’s just not me.  Just that I love who i’ve become, and I love even more the people that I get to help and inspire.  I’m happy with my life, with me.  I love God.  I love my husband, and especially my son, Clubber Lang.  I love all of my friends, each and every one of you in a special way.  I love my training, I love my kettlebell practice and progress, and I truly love everyone that has helped me in my endeavor to become stronger—mentally and physically!

Things I will struggle with giving up:
Ice Cream
Chocolate Milk from Prigel
Maple Syrup

Things I will struggle with doing with the Whole30:
Not eating ice cream
Eating a lot of meat, especially red meat

Here’s something that I WILL not do while on the Whole30—Crossfit.  I don’t like it.    No WODs for me.  I like my pull ups for strength, and I am on a specific program.  This is just me.  I have a specific goal that I’m working toward.  I have no interest in a workout because I believe training and practice are more efficient and effective for ME.  Just me.

I can’t wait to get my Whole30 book to complete the research.  Right now I’m relying on their websites (seriously, lots of PDF files for free!!  Check it out:

I’m also thoroughly digesting the Well Fed book is also pretty awesome and I’ve officially read my first cookbook.  I’m scared of eating a lot of meat, but I have the farmers to help me and the recipes now to help me with that too.  I haven’t had beef in around 10 years.  Woowee!

Another resource is Juliet from Hey Joob!  Juliet is amazing.  I began following her blog, I guess earlier this year.  And, well, I love her.  I’ve never met her, but I’ve recently been emailing back and forth and she’s pretty outstanding.  She did the Whole30 earlier this year.  I remembered–because I value a good blog.   She’s helping me overcome my “thing” with meat.  She blogged her Whole30, as I will also TRY (I will TRY) to do:

The Whole30 Challenge is just that a Challenge.  I’m pretty competitive especially when my heart is set on something.  My heart is set on being healthy.  Being the best I can be.  So, who’s in with me?  Who’s up for the challenge???  Check out the resources and see if it is something you want to do, if you’re interested in, etc.  This isn’t something you can commit to half-heartedly.  You’re either all in or not……  I’ll still love you the same if you’re an “or not.”  Really.  Honestly.  This is just something that I’m ready for and ready to conquer the challenge.  Yeah baby.

Rock n Roll.

Happy Friday!!!!  Stay tuned for more.APE

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