Day 1 and 2 of Whole 30 Journey

Day 1–Interesting, insightful, exciting

First off, I decided to start right after vacation to ensure my system would be fully cleaned out. On vacation, I tried to eat well, but sometimes the options were not so good. It is truly mind boggling how a continental breakfast includes nothing but carbs. I was lucky enough to be able to have salad items and hard boiled eggs and made the best of that. Although I feel the Whole30 is a journey, I truly do enjoy eating healthy.  I, of course, truly enjoyed the fresh cut coconut and fresh pineapple every single morning.  YUM!

Sunday night I didn’t sleep well because of Clubber’s first night back home.  He actually decided to sleep in bed with me…… so I knew my first day would be more difficult than normal.  When I listen to my body, I know that lack of sleep for me means sugar cravings and bad cravings. Those came on around lunch time. I tried to find tea at Fresh Market to no avail because I wanted one minus the caffeine. I’m so sensitive to it, I knew I wouldn’t sleep.  I’ve learned that sometimes I can truly analyze a “craving” and determine that if I just drink water and wait it will truly determine if i’m actually hungry or my brain is just being silly.

Food items were great on Day 1.

Breakfast: 3 Eggs (WHOLE!) cooked in coconut oil with spinach and apples baked in coconut oil with cinnamon

Lunch:  Leftover hamburgers with fresh spices, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers.  I didn’t have avocado so I added coconut flakes (UNSWEETENED–seriously fantastic!) and a few raw hazelnuts.

Dinner was similar to lunch but I ate a small apple on my salad which could have caused my possible cortisol spike that woke me up at 1:36AM. Sigh. I went back to sleep though not long after so I was ready to roll with my advanced kettlebell class at 5:45AM.

Day 2:  Vibrant and energetic in the morning, crashed real hard in evening and didn’t do so well at training with Joe, my awesome trainer!

Here’s an issue that I do have with the Whole30 guidelines: I can’t eat breakfast at home. I have to eat at work, which means that I needed to put something in my body prior to going to the gym, even though I wasn’t working out. So, this morning I made my coffee still and had a piece of chicken with 4 raw hazelnuts.

I’m probably not going to bore everyone each and every day since I cook a lot of the same food and eat it on a number of days.  I know, boring, but I like it and I enjoy left overs.  TONIGHT, however, I was literally driving and craving curry and coconut.  Then, I had a bright idea to stop and get some shrimp!  YAY!  So, I had coconut oil with LOTS of curry and shrimp and broccoli for dinner.  It was yummerfic.  So much so, that I didn’t even take a picture.  :)

One thing I learned tonight–FREAKING STUPID stuff has sugar in it.  I pulled out my Jamaican spices from earlier this year (I didn’t get any in Tahiti because it was only vanilla that was local…) and sprinkled it a bit then something told me to look at the ingredients and sure enough SUGAR!

Allrighty then,

Happy Trails to you…. until we meet again…..

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