Days 7-12 of Whole30 Journey

So, back on Day 1 I said some pretty ridiculous things that are AGAINST Reshape with Ape policy.  Do you remember reading it????  Here it is in case you missed it:

Did anyone catch it?  I said

Booo….. I’ve been thinking about it and then I realized, “Holy crap I said ‘Can’t’…”

Well, guess what!?  This week was a huge challenge for me in so many ways.  My boy, Clubber, is sick and I’ve been running him to the vet practically every day, as well as training still in the morning and evenings, as well as having emotional breakdowns because I’m worried about losing Clubber.  Emotional breakdowns mean less sleep–cortisol spikes because of stress which also results in added belly fat.

Emotional breakdowns


Lack of Sleep


I didn’t give into them though…. I was conscious of them which was really interesting.  This truly helped me to understand too what was going on.  I’ve known in the past that when i’m upset or tired I run to sweets, but this time–No, no.  I was STRONG!

Wednesday I was on Fox 45 with the ladies at the Marian House.  I had to get up at 4am, but I was so worried about Clubber I got up earlier to hang out with him.  I ate my breakfast VERY early and left by 4:30AM.  I’ve realized that as long as I make time to eat breakfast, even before my coffee, that I’m good for the most part until lunch time.

That day, since I ate so early, I was hungry earlier, but I ate a little fat (hazelnuts (raw), coconut flakes, and a few unsweetened prunes–HINT HINT–go to Facebook, look for the post where I asked this question, and be the first to respond to WIN a Violet Love Headband!) with my Marian House ladies.  I ate lunch just a little early but it all worked.

So—Can’t isn’t a word yet again….. Even this morning, I got up earlier to hang out with Clubber and work on my devotional from this new series “WEIRD–When normal isn’t working” and I feel great.  It is a matter of making the extra time, which works out for me now because I was able to get sufficient sleep.

Now, this is where listening comes in–I’ve never been hungry.  I’ve been very lucky throughout my life and my mom always made sure we had enough food, whether or not it was the right kind is a different story, but I appreciate that so much still today.  I’ve always carried snacks with me because I thought that when my sugar crashes i’ll be one cranky you-know-what.  Since I’ve been on the Whole 30 I haven’t crashed ONCE!!  NOT EVEN ONE TIME!!!!  Miracle?  Nope–just the lack of sugar (not even a tinge!) and by eating the foods that appropriately fuel my body.  Interesting how that makes SUCH a difference, right?

Here’s a question I’ve pondered–WHY is sugar in so many things where it isn’t necessary (LIKE BACON!!! Sigh.) And, it is crazy how much I was consciously eating, as well as the sugar I DIDN’T really know I was eating………… WAWAWOOWA!!  Feel free to comment on some things that you find sugar in where  you didn’t THINK it would be….. CHECK YOUR SPICES!  I had spices from Jamaica and guess what—DARN SUGAR!

Allrighty then–off to rock another day.  Please keep Clubber in your prayers!



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