Whole 30 Journey–Days 3-5

Well hello again!

Here’s the latest update on my journey.  I’ve realized that this is a journey and sometimes there are things that could slightly slip by and attempt to sidetrack me, but I’m glad that I held onto my hat and embraced the moment.  For those Facebookers, you know because I wrote, but for those who are smart enough not to get hooked:

“So, the most difficult part of the Whole30 is when you go out to eat and THINK that the food you’ve chosen is ok, but then half way through you find a small piece of potato–FIRETRUCK! Butternut squash soup today was awesome, until I found the potato and had to stop eating it.

Here’s the interesting part: it doesn’t necessarily ruin my Whole30 journey because I stopped, I may suffer I slight insulin spike, but at least i’ll be able to understand it if it happens. Plus, i’m working out tonight so i’ll be ok. The purpose of my Whole30 journey is to LISTEN to my body. Not beat it up. This is a learning process for me to remove my constant desire for sweet and yummy stuff: ice cream and cupcakes, and chocolate.

It should also be noted that last night my husband ate fries in front of me, AND my lovely Chief ate ice cream in front of me and even TAUNTED me but I didn’t break. :)”
I think I may be finally recovered from jet lag, but tomorrow we shall see.
I had to eat out today during the Animal Abuse Leadership Summit that I organized for my newly created unit at my full time job, and I totally freaked because (1) I didn’t know the area, and (2) it was smothered with fast food and I did only have a short period of time.  I emailed my awesome friend, Geneva, who gave me a few ideas but they were at restaurants.  I went to Qdoba.  I went there because I knew I could choose what is put into my food and avoid the forbidden ones.  So, I requested the NAKED salad with ONLY lettuce, JUST chicken, both of the veggies types there (which let me tell you those onions gave me HORRIBLE onion breath but I THANKFULLY always perform PDA–read my blog on PDA if you don’t know what i’m talking about:  http://reshapewithape.com/2012/03/positive-dental-attitude/) and finally to top it all off GUACAMOLE!  Woohoo.  It was filling, the chicken was a little eh…. but I decided to run to Dunkin Donuts and get–no not coffee–an unsweetened iced tea.  So, that was lunch.
Op, wait, I forgot I wanted to talk about my breakfast journey too.  Well, ok–BACK PEDAL, TWO JACKS–JAB AND A JACK.  Breakfast.
I had to leave at the butt crack of dawn since I had all of the materials for everyone.  I needed to get my butt to Owings Mills and be ready to go, so that meant I had to eat breakfast at 5:30AM.  UGH!  That means I wouldn’t have ANYTHING to eat until lunch time.  Well, I sucked it up and ate–at the table, of course with Clubber by my side.  I didn’t even drink my coffee either until after breakfast–just like the Hartwigs from “It Starts with Food” recommend.  And, want to know what happened????


I was ok.  I made it.  Really, I did.  I was surprised.  My belly did gurgle a lot around 12:00 because we had some issues with some folders missing and slow registration–notes to make for next year–so we were running a teeny bit behind.  There was a sign that said no food or drink.  I had a few prunes in my purse but I didn’t want to break the rules.  I wasn’t going to die or anything but the belly was out of control so I snuck a few prunes.  Unsweetened of course and preservative free–Trader Joe’s has great ones.  Shh…. don’t tell anyone.

So, interestingly enough, I learned a little about my body.  Although, today was a very different day and I was fully engaged and doing a LOT more than just sitting on my behind like normal…..

Oh, one experiment that I had this week was with a whole chicken.  It wasn’t good.  I’ll be honest.  Clubber is eating most of it.  I’m certainly struggling with this part of the Whole30.  I have to still hide the meat a little with other things.  I just don’t love it.  (I did like the first burger but not so much after the 3rd and 4th.)  The whole chicken has some stuff that I’d prefer not to deal with, and I may have cooked it too long but my farmer said to cook it at low on the grill–BUT, I think I forgot to turn off the propane because I couldn’t get the grill to light.  Sigh.  Can someone come check for me because i’m a little scared of burning off my eyebrows???  So, I used the same idea and cooked it at 300 for a long time–checking every 15 minutes–but then I forgot about it but it was done and didn’t seem overly done.  I ate some tonight with eggs (I do love eggs!) and broccoli and there were a few pieces that went to Clubber….and then I got really grossed out so I ended up giving most of it to him minus the eggs…….

So there’s my Whole30 journey so far.  Nothing revolutionary yet.  I’ve heard of miraculous bowel movements, but I haven’t had any of those.  I haven’t had anymore gas than normal, well maybe a little more the past few days.  Hey, you need all the details of this.  Right!  It’s only nature.  We all poop.

I haven’t had crazy emotions, well, I have but I’m not sure that they are Whole30 related or jet lag related…. I guess I’ll have to do another Whole30 when I eat too much ice cream again sans the jet lag and see what happens.  (That is one thing that the Hartwigs emphasize–that you will end up most likely indulging too much again at some point and need another 30 days.)

That’s almost a week for me.  I haven’t broken down.  No tears.  Even though I did smell cookies for a really long time during transport to the Summit.  And, I even took the wrapper off and opened them and didn’t eat ANY!  I did have the one incident with the soup with potatoes, but remember this is a journey and I did take proper measures but I just didn’t see the darn potato skins until halfway through the butternut squash soup–after all, it is BUTTERNUT SQUASH soup not potato.  Sigh.  Obviously, after 30 days I will still be listening to my body and deciphering feelings, emotions, etc. too.  I like eating healthy after all, but I hope I can use cream again in my coffee…. or learn to enjoy it black…. because I like coconut milk, but it just isn’t the same.  Hoping that changes….

Well, i’m off to bed.

Nighty night!


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