Twas’ the Night before 2013

Twas the Night before 2013 and all through the house,
Orbit was gnawing away with his giant big mouth.
The clouds were looking like snow,
and for the last time this year Ape’s tree is aglow.

Sitting here thanking each of you for a wonderful year,
while I myself am feeling quite full of cheer.
Reshape with Ape hopefully brought you lots of strength,
Keep on rockin’ those bells or you’ll be sort of a crank.

A bowl of salmon, spinach, pecans, black olives and an egg,
helping each of you prepare for the great New Year’s Day!

Eh.  Just being silly.  2012 has been one of the best years of my life.  I turned 30, and although I lost my best friend, Clubber, I gained strength, love, and traveled more than ever!  Lots of amazing times, awesome people, and HUGE breakthroughs with FOOD!  I only look forward to what 2013 has to bring, and here’s a little sneak peek:  there is a special announcement coming the 3rd week of January!  I know you’ve been waiting a LONG time for the SECRET, but I PROMISE it is well worth the wait.

Happy Almost New Year.  Tonight is the night.  Those crazy New Year’s Resolutions start TOMORROW.  This year you can be a rockstar and start something that you know you will finish.  You may have seen it already on Facebook, but tomorrow officially begins the Whole30+ Adventures in Wonderland with Hey Joob and Reshape with Ape.

While we reflect on 2012, reminiscing and whatever else, forget the negativity.  It is time to grab life by the big jug with both hands to start.  Every time you begin a climb, I learned, you plant your feet on the proper colored spots and both hands hold onto the first jug, allowing you to get your grips.  Well, here’s your grip–grab on tight.  Don’t let go.  This is one adventure you don’t want to miss.  This one is all for you, and all about you Whatever you may think, whatever doubts you may have–you can do this!  There will be falls, slides, slips, but we’ve got you.  Join our discussion group today and be sure to commit!  The first prize will be randomly drawn on January 7th by those who commit and post about their first week.  Keep us in the loop.  Use us.  Ask questions.  You know you want that awesome bracelet.  Joob will randomly select another winner at the END-ba da da dum- of the 30 Days.  So, either way you win because you 1) have awesome support from us and 2) you’ll complete the journey a winner even without the bracelet or cookbook.  But, to those two (2) TWOOOOO lucky people, you’ll score extra big! BOOM!

Joob has already blogged and given some great pieces of info and sources, she just seriously rocks:–What are you waiting for?  GO LOOK!

Now it is time to do your role:  Clean our your pantry, stock your fridge, and eat all the veggies you could ever dream–and of course, other approved foods!  Try new stuff.  Be adventurous!  The worst thing would be that you have to feed something to your dog……

Be sure to stay tuned!

Be safe tonight.


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