February 3rd.  The Ravens at the Superbowl.  OMG!!!  I was working in Downtown Baltimore the last time the Ravens won the Superbowl.  I remember the parade.  I remember the emotions.  I don’t remember what I ate during the game:  most likely shrimp and junk because I didn’t know then what I know now!  Knowledge is Power!

I’ve already started to hear comments and receive emails about how some will be shortening their Whole30 journeys.  Here’s the thing:  have you read the book “It starts with Food?”  Are you fully informed on your journey?  There are lots of options to consider here.

Ray Lewis said it best post game after the Baltimore Ravens beat Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos,

“No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you…” (Isiash 54:17)

Religious or not, if the Whole30 journey is something you want and spent time preparing for–then you’ll win.  Food will not.  Alcohol will not.  Believe me, my husband and I can attest to the fact that alcohol is not necessary in life for it to be fully enjoyed.  You will survive.

For those of you who are setting yourself up for the shortened journey, consider this:  Don’t set yourself up to fail on Superbowl Sunday.  If you set yourself up to fail, then you’ve missed the point of the Whole30.  It’s a journey to connect with your body, and learn to listen to what your body needs, wants, desires, etc.  Yes, I am aware that sometimes your body does want food that isn’t necessarily “good” for you….

Here’s the best option:  take it day by day.  Don’t give up on your journey or prepare to give up on February 3rd.  You’ve already committed so much time, is it really worth _______ [fill in the blank]??

My last Whole30 was extremely difficult and emotional with Clubber’s illness that quickly transitioned into his departure–ALL I WANTED WAS A CUPCAKE [or two…].  I knew that it was typically always an emotional desire and I never gave in… I’m so glad I didn’t too because I know I would have regretted it.  If there is regret, then that is not a healthy relationship with your body and food.  Even on the dreaded day when we went to Baskin Robbins in Clubber’s honor, I still prevailed.


I decided that some things just weren’t worth it.  In my head there are the most exquisite items that are worth giving in, but on those days I survived without giving in to a craving, a desire….

Can you make it through Superbowl Sunday without X, Y, or Z??  Probably.

Will it destroy the game if you don’t share in the “fun” with everyone else?  Define your idea of “fun.”  If “fun” can only mean bad foods, then perhaps you should reread the book…..

If you decide that fun cannot be a factor without certain foods, then consider your indulgence.  I know for certain that a dude on Whole30 made his OWN wings that were Whole30 approved because he loves wings with football so much.  I know of a chick who is so awesome, she endured the comments when she brought her own food to a party.  It CAN be done.  Certainly, go through the flow chart and determine if the desired food (or drink…) is actually worth it.  If it is then, go for it.  Eat/drink only ENOUGH to satisfy.  This means make it romantic–as much as possible while watching the football game…  Sit down, set the table, drink/eat SLOWLY.  Allow your brain time to catch up with your belly.  Also, remember, if you’re watching the game shoveling food in your face–then you’re not listening to your body.  You’re mindlessly watching TV and shoveling food into your face and then all of a sudden you’re sick and bloated with CRAP!  Is it worth it???

If it isn’t worth it then you will prevail.

This flow chart is an essential piece to Whole30, in my opinion.  Allow it to help you through the day.

Here’s the thing:  If you HAPPEN to indulge….. do so, and then get right back on track.


give in and allow yourself the WHOLE day to end up overly bloated and full of crap.  Honestly, I would consider the flow chart for EACH item you reach out to eat, especially if you’re at a party with a giant buffet of fatty-fried-goodness.

Remember, this is a journey and if you throw it out the window because the Ravens’ rocked the house, then what will throw you off track next???  DIG DEEP!

C’mon now, you’ve got this!!!

Instead of me showing my guns, think about Ray’s guns……..  oooo yeah!

Now go get em!


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