The Balance Board of Life

Have you ever used a balance board? Or stood on a Bosu with one leg? How about my favorites–one leg dead-lifts and one leg squats? Balance is tough.  And sometimes you’re a little off, but other days you freaking rock it.  Consider that analogy with your life.

There are only 2 days left for those who began their Whole30 on January 1st.  Others are still in the home stretch.  Hang on tight!  Don’t give up now!

Here’s the thing:  some may begin to freak out about what to do on Day 31, etc.  The first thing to do is NOT to freak out!  Breathe.  Deep breath:  in your nose, out your mouth.  Also, revisit the book.  There is a Chapter on easing back and doing the research to find out what your body likes and dislikes.

We talked about Nutritional Off Roading just recently in “Are you ready for Some Football?”  This is a bit of a continuation.  There are some “rules” out there that many fitness professionals discuss:  The 90/10 Rule, The 80/20 Rule, RULES RULES RULES.  Those rules don’t work for me.  I used to try those.  I don’t anymore, because through my Whole30 Journeys I’ve learned how to listen to my body.  I’ve learned to slow down…well, sometimes.  We all have setbacks occasionally.  I’ve heard the number game not working for others too.  For some people, if you plan to cheat, things tend to progress quickly and often you end up completely derailed (think railroad track alignment from your Turkish Get Ups!!!) and then you’ve spent a whole weekend filling you body with crap.  Complete.  And.  UTTER.  CRAP!!!!  The thing is if you put a number on something, then you sort of have to fail.  Failing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you set yourself up for failure then it inevitably will cause stress in your life; we don’t like stress because we just spent 30 days identifying foods that can cause belly fat.

We cannot be perfect.  In fact,


We all make mistakes.  We learn from those.  Life is short and we need to live each day full of love.  So, smile right now.  Share a smile.

If you read the book, you know that not being perfect is ok.  We are human.  We do bad things sometimes.  But it is knowing when to say, “Ok.”  The Whole30/Whole10/WholeX can always be there as a plan if you need to get back on track.  You know the guidelines.  You KNOW how to eat–you just did it for 30 days and rocked it.

That said, we need to discuss food–ones that aren’t Whole30 compliant.  *Chest up, shoulders back*


After completing my second Whole30, I feel more balanced.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with sweets still, after all I almost had a breakdown after my husband wafted his birthday cupcake in my face (HOMEMADE by my MOM!) and then I entered Baskin Robbins to get him a milk shake with his birthday cake!  Sigh.  I realized that the bottom line is:


I’m not going to fall down if I don’t have ice cream or a cupcake.  In fact, it was nice because I found that my relationship has changed.  I even stood a little taller after my little pout.  I felt really good about my body knowing that I didn’t succumb to a cupcake.  Plus, I get to hold out for something that I really want (Prigel ICE CREAM!), and that will be ok for my body without the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.

NOTE:  Remember, each and everyone of us are different and this is my journey so it doesn’t mean that it will take you 2 Whole30’s to understand your body.  This is just me.  Because I used to be completely in love with sweets.

A few people have mentioned how they have become “food snobs.”  I LOVE it.  Even my husband, who still eats a lot of crap, proclaimed the same.  Please note that Post-Whole30 this will ONLY be reiterated when you begin to try some “old” foods.  I feel like this shows how your body has changed, and how your relationship with foods has become healthier.  We’ve tried vegetables that we may not have heard of before.  We’ve all shared recipes that have become our new favorites, and the best part is that we have developed friendships with people who support our views on food and our desire to have a healthy lifestyle!  Cherish those moments of Whole30.  Take notice of those changes, and consider that some foods you may just want to eliminate completely.  Don’t reintroduce crap.  For instance, I haven’t used coffee creamer since September.  I LOVE coconut milk in my coffee, you know the brand that is hard to find because we ALL have discovered the love for Goldenstar Coconut milk.  FYI Towson Walmart doesn’t have it either.

Feel free to add the foods that you do not miss and will be ok without having in your life.

One more thing Nutritional Off Roading.  It is essential.  I’m serious.  Be sure you thoroughly analyze your decisions if you’re going to take that jump and get all muddy!  You’ve learned about emotional eating.  You know how you feel certain times of the month.  You know how certain events affect you and make you only crave those sugary foods that make you think everything goes away…  Don’t give in if you can avoid it.  But, give in sometimes to ensure that you have an appropriate and well balanced relationship with food.

“Give a dog a bone.”  I heard this analogy and immediately loved it.  Think about your beloved 4-legged wiggle.  You give them a treat, filled with love and a smile.  You don’t feed them treats all the time.  It is an occasional event.  Think about the same thing with yourself:  When you give in, have that date with your “treat.”  Make it a special occasion.  Enjoy every taste, which will be different from pre-Whole30 with those new lovely taste buds.  Think about each bite.  Slowly enjoy it and allow your brain time to catch up.  Remember how quickly that sugar runs through you.  Keyword:  enjoy.

Life is short.  Live for smiles and love, not for the next “treat.”


This is short, sweet, and simple.


I’m not actually blowing kisses to you.  I’m telling you to KEEP-IT-SIMPLE-SILLY!

Again, there needs to be a balance here.   I’ve seen many people end up sick because they don’t allow time for their bodies to rest.  I’ve seen people come to the gym, spreadinggerms, because they are desperate for their “workout routine.”  You’ve created the amazing relationship with food, but your exercise relationship must be balanced too.  Consider that.  Your body isn’t healthy if you don’t allow it to heal.  Sometimes, it is a matter of being humble.  Focus on a weakness, that will only allow you to become stronger.  That’s what we are all doing:  working to progress and grow into more awesome people!  When I say, KISS, i’m talking learning that not every single time you enter the gym, or go for a run should you be sore, drenched in sweat, and feeling exhausted.

All my runners:  when you go for a run, do you always to all out each run?  NOPE.  You need to ensure that you ONLY go hard occasionally to ensure that on Race Day you CAN push it and be successful or achieve your goal time.

All my kettlebell lovers:  We’ve learned that with our progressive strength training routines, that Week 3 allows us sufficient REST in order to prepare for TEST week.  You still do your routines, but you learn more about your body by revisiting those lighter weights IN ORDER to push heavy bells the next week.

Make sense?

Now, go rock it!!!!


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