Homemade Coconut Milk and Coconut Flour

Today is the first day to SPRING forward by advancing your clocks forward 1 hour.  In our busy lives already, we get 1 hour taken away.  But, think about the sunny sunshine we will get.  You can let this really mess up your schedule, or you can embrace it.  Over the years, i’ve learned that there is always a way to find a little bit of good in everything.  Today, my goal is that i’m truly SPRINGING FORWARD!!!!  More bouncy than ever!!!!   WATCH OUT!!!  The last time I was in Texas with my Toot, I turned on The Tigger Movie.  This thought and memory just inspired me here–right here right now!  Tigger bounces all around like a happy pants because he is unique and silly.  It doesn’t matter if you are the ONLY one willing to bounce, or even if you have to bounce alone sometimes.  Rock that bounce.  Own that bounce.  So, what are you waiting for!?!?!

Get your bounce on today!!!


Last September on my first Whole30, I fell in love with coconut milk.  I already knew about it from my love of Indian  food, especially curries and veggie korma.  Drool.

Well, after a long search I finally discovered the best at Walmart.  Can you believe THAT?  No preservatives.  No crap.  Pure yumminess.  The cashiers would always wonder why I was buying so much….for my coffee, of course!  When Walmart ran out, and I couldn’t find the lovely Goldenstar anywhere–I MEAN FREAKIN’ ANYWHERE!  I even called the company, but i’m mad because the didn’t call me back….. so,  my coffee had to change….. OR DID IT!?

Thanks to the awesome chick, Hey Joob, I didn’t have to wait too long for the recipe–I  just needed the time.  Time, the elusive time.  Thankfully, the weather people messed up a great deal because we didn’t get anything like this:  Although, I think so many of us slept with our jammies inside out in hopes we would get SOME STINKIN’ SNOW this year!  So, on my free day off I began the Reshape with Ape adventures with homemade coconut milk.  Thankfully, I was fairly prepared due to my conversations with my awesome Vegan client, Juli, who already makes her own almond milk.  She even has a “nut bag” instead of dealing with cheese cloth.  She was my direct source of contact for the few questions I had before panic set in that I may mess up coconut milk.  (JUST FYI–it really can’t happen unless you add too much water!)

Adventures with Homemade Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk 001

I’ve been messing around a little with the recipe to determine the best way and most tasty.  Yesterday, I had to ensure that my liquid line was not compromised so I used 1 cup of finely shredded unsweetened coconut.

Coconut Milk 002

Then, I boiled a bunch of water–well, because I need to make sure I had at LEAST 1 1/4 cup BOILING WATER to add to the coconut.

Coconut Milk 003

Then, I added the water to the lovely coconut.  Now, what I did yesterday was allow the water to sit for a bit–I think the recipe yesterday, although smaller, turned out better:  Coconut Milk 004

After the water set for a bit in the coconut, I turned the “bad boy”–food processor ON.  One tip that I saw from a few different recipes was to ensure you turn off the machine so it doesn’t overheat.  I’m not sure if that ever happened or not, but since this was one of my favorite birthday presents EVER (Thanks Momma Suz!!), I didn’t want to take that chance….. so, for about 5 minutes, I turned it off and on every 30 seconds to 1 minute to REST.  Remember, rest is essential–even with OUR bodies!

Now, you’ll notice below–there are two pictures of the separation process.  The last time I took the coconut and attached the cheesecloth to the bowl with a rubber band.  That sort of spelled chaos, i.e., LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES.  (1) Because i’m too impatient, I squeezed out the water from the coconut and cheesecloth.  That meant that the bag ripped…. allowing me to sort of make coconut CREAM with the pieces of coconut.  Whoops.  (2) I also didn’t account for taking it out with the rubberband on, or ensuring there was enough room so I didn’t have to “re-separate” the liquid….. Hey, i’m a natural blonde thank you.Coconut Milk 005 Coconut Milk 006

Ok, so, now that the lovely separation process is over–well, wait, back up…..

I forgot to mention–the first time I didn’t use the strainer so it was easy to spill coconut through when I squeezed.  Thanks to the lovely Juls, I knew this time to add the strainer (SEE ABOVE).  Well, The strainer was going to touch the liquid separation so, I improvised and lifted it up with a K-Cup on each side.  Now, if you don’t have a Keurig–just use a bigger bowl and strainer.  Smart,  huh?

So, here’s what you will end up with after your liquids have finished dripping through the cheesecloth (or nut bag if you have one).  I let mine sit for a while while dripping this time (remember, i’m working on patience….. but this time it may not have paid off because the separation of fats began to solidify…..)Coconut Milk 010

Nevertheless, I mixed it up and began to separate into the cute little mason jars:

Coconut Milk 009Coconut Milk 011

They look super cute in my fridge with all of my thawing local meats.

To finish it off, you have to taste a little: Coconut Milk 007

I think it passed the taste test.

What to do with the COCONUT?

Coconut Milk 012

Well, you put it on a pan.

Plop it in the oven for 1 hour on 250 degrees and dry out the coconut.

Then, you put it in the food processor to make it really fine and VOILA coconut flour.  (Mine is still currently drying in the oven.)


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