The Tomato Story of Life

I once was told this story and I’ve only enhanced it and made it my own.  I just told it to a friend and realized it was worthy of publishing:

The Tomato Plant
There once was a tomato plant, planted into this lovely pot.  It grew and grew with sunlight and water, but pretty soon the pot was too small and limiting it’s growth. The plant wanted to grow these fantabulous tomatoes, but it was just stuck and the roots were limited by the pot’s size.

One day, the beloved friend took it out of the pot and put it into the ground. Well, we all know what happened–the tomato plant was happy and youthful all over again. Filled with delight and new soil, the plant began to sprout tomatoes.

Sometimes the tomatoes were wonderful: red, lovely, organic tomatoes. Other times, the tomatoes were deceived and when they were picked and cut there was a big black spot. You were able to eat around those spots and most of the time the whole tomato was NOT bad. Sometimes you just had to be willing to take the time to cut around the bad spots.

Interesting huh?

Sometimes life is like tomatoes–wonderful and perfect, but when you cut into it there occasionally is the bad spot to deal with. Instead of letting it consume the whole tomato, take a step back and accept what it is: still a lovely tomato piece.

Do not let yourself be limited to just living inside of a pot, no matter how beautiful and decorative it is. Expand, grow, let your roots be free and soak up the sun. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow full tomatoes, even if they may have a few bad spots.

That’s the story. Can you dig deep and let your roots grow? Can you smile knowing that you are growing and producing wonderful moments of life??

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