Chicken S’noodle Soup!

Ape’s Recipe for Chicken S’Noodle Soup

Yes, I just made up the title—because I always call it chicken noodle soup, but I NEVER put noodles into it….. so, “S’Noodle” it is!  You know you like it.

I used to call my Mom every. single. time. I started to make chicken noodle soup–whoops, I mean s’noodle.  “Mom, what am I supposed to do with the chicken again?”  Now, I feel like I’m a pro (HA!) and I’m happy to share the love that I’ve been able to produce in my soup.  No soup Nazi here!

Here’s what I do—but I should note that my recipes are reproduced the way I was taught to cook by my wonderful Great Grandma, Norma.  She was absolutely amazing, and I owe all my ways of “doctoring it up” to her.  She taught me everything there is to know about cooking!  I remember standing by her side, copying recipes, and being so confused about what a “dash” meant, and what a “shot” meant.  Literally, she gave me a shot glass just for cooking!  I feel like I can totally reminisce and be in that kitchen, see all the goodies coming from the kitchen, and even smell the wonderful things that came from her home and heart.

Cooking, to me at least, is all about an adventure.  Although a recipe is never quite the same, I am fine with that because each time it is an experience to cook.  I put my entire mind into it and fill it with the typical Ape Love.

Without further ado….


1 WHOLE Chicken (mine was from Rousedale Farm–my favorite farmers Steve and Vicki!)
Celery and carrots (I like a hearty soup so I use 2 stalks of celery and then whatever I have in carrots.  I literally stir it when I put it in to determine if is enough.)
OTHER Vegetables (I’ve used turnips–which actually turned out to be one of my Dad’s favorite soups!!!, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, etc.–just be sure that you decipher the texture of the veggie.  If it is dense like a carrot/sweet potato/turnip, then you add it with the initial veggies.  Otherwise, you will end up with soggy veggies!)
2 Cartons of Stock (I typically grab whatever is free range/organic at Wegman’s or Fresh Market–I don’t think these are necessary per my Mom and Great Grandma, but I really like the added flavor)
Lots and lots of spices
–Salt (Herbamare.  But I don’t use a ton because of the stock already having some)
–Pepper (My family was ridiuclous with pepper!)
–Garlic Powder
–Onion Powder (My husband is allergic to onion and garlic, I would CERTAINLY recommend using real garlic and onion!)
–Green Herbs (this is where I get “spicy!”  I change it up a lot.  Right now, on the stove is rosemary and then Penzey’s Mural of Flavor)


I like to crockpot my chicken.  I always put a lot of spices on it (notice the trend?) and a little water on the bottom of the crock pot.  I cook it until it is about 165 degrees and then I let it cool and transfer all of the stuff in the bottom–all those juices to the pot for the soup.  Using the crockpot really makes it easier to take all of the meat off the bone.  If I don’t use a crock pot (i.e., when I make turkey soup) I just boil the bones and all, let it cook and do the same removal of meat.  Remember, this is the gross part–well, I used to be a vegetarian so maybe that’s just me.

From there, all the meat and juices are on the stove.  Add the stock, add water (approximately 2-3 cups, but you may need to add more depending on what you’re looking to produce–you can thank Great Grandma!)  Cut up all of your veggies into pieces and throw em’ in.  I try really hard to ensure there are not any bones, but every now and then one slips into the broth.  *Eat at your own risk!*  Bring everything to a boil, and then turn it on low with a lid and simmer until your veggies are soft.

*NOTE:  Don’t overdo those veggies, especially if you plan on freezing some of your soup!*

Typically, at the end of the soup’s adventure, I will add a green of some sorts–today it is going to be kale!  I’ve also done spinach and cabbage too!  YUM!  Be sure to check your spices again after adding a dense veggie.  I literally sniff my soup to determine if it seems like enough.  Sometimes, I still have to “doctor it up” or maybe I just think that because I inherited a great quality of Norma Lee.

Be sure to post your thoughts and ideas.  We’re are in this together….. Happy S’noodle Souping!

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