Inspired by Winnie the Pooh

We’ve been cleaning stuff out, reorganizing, and also expanding and making Reshape with Ape Headquarters rock even more! About a year ago, I embarked upon a new journey and started training with an online trainer. I absolutely LOVED my trainer, and it was very difficult for me to give him up and do my training alone.  But, setting on a journey and pursuing a female trainer who truly understood how a female’s body had full potential to be STRONG-GRRRRR is what I needed and desired.  At this point, I would say it is the best decision I have made, especially now because i’m ABSOLUTELY in love with all the improvements, my space, and the time alone that allows me to truly marinate!

Once we started cleaning up the house, it was determined that I had just TOO many books…. I mean, “DUH!” I knew that totally, but I never wanted to officially admit that the books I accumulated over the years detailing all of my journeys and desire for education could be anywhere but with ME! Well, I put on my big girl panties and sold some, gave the others away, and tragically Ukazoo recycled many of the others. It was truly a moment of devastation. Weird, I know–but I had an emotional bond with many of those books. I considered saving a couple of them, but it would have been just to save them not for their importance. HOWEVER, there were TWO (ONLY TWO!!!!) books that I DID save…… They have been on the floor of my car until yesterday when I brought them inside and I feel like they “spoke” to me. SO that is what I want to share.


The only two books that I saved were BOTH childhood stories of Winnie the Pooh. In fact, the one is so old and yellowed with crinkles that I felt like I just couldn’t let that go.

The first book is the crinkled one with Pooh’s booty all split open.  Imagine the horror!!!  I just finished deadlifting, and found the words that I needed to share.  This morning I jumped on the scale.  It is what it is–I LOATHE the scale.  It gave me a number and I went on with my day. I put on my favorite jeans and rolled out the door to do all of my errands.  When I came home, I only had a short period of time before I had to run out again.  And, let’s face it–IT’S FREAKING COLD!!!!  So, I decided that instead of changing, I would just deadlift in my jeans…..  Ok, so here’s the story:  these jeans are old!  I got them a couple of years ago and shortly after I got them I couldn’t wear them.  I gained weight and they do not have any stretch in them.  I can’t believe I didn’t end up like Pooh  here…



Well, interestingly enough, I weigh close to what I weighed when the jeans did NOT fit today.  Wanna know something else?  My jeans DID NOT rip.  I moved and felt great.  They felt amazing and actually are a little loose….. No video post because I need to work on my “LOCK” just a little more.

None of my posts or videos are meant to brag, or even to be, “Look what I can do.”  They are meant to inspire.  They are meant to motivate you to push hard and dig even deeper!  They are meant to show you that real life happens, and hard work pays off.  They are meant to show you that  I have struggles just like you, I have bad days too–but I push through and I make the CHOICE to get my stripes back EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  Wanna know what that means?


That means that each of us have our own “stripes.”  Sometimes they may be hidden or invisible.  Sometimes WE can see them, but others may not.  The work is hard, and oftentimes a long journey to get your stripes, but it is NEVER impossible.  Each of us has to be comfortable with WHO we are:  individually, right now, without exceptions, without put down, etc.  You MUST love YOU!  Make yourself a priority.  Tigger knew he was a Tigger, and even though he tried SO hard to be a Piglet, a Pooh, a Rabbit, and even an Eeyore he wasn’t. He was HIM! One day he decided that stripes or not–He was a Tigger.  And guess what?  His stripes came right back!

I can feel this so deeply as I write it–it is a long journey, one that takes effort and a choice to continue.  Every time I go to counseling, it is to better me so that I can see my stripes regardless of what other people see.  It is so that I can see my stripes even if they may be missing on that particular day.  I see and hear the struggles from many of you whether it is about belly fat, lack of strength, squishy arms, or just not having time for you.  I urge you today to find time for you because you are worth it.  You are worth loving.  Bounce around and be a Tigger full of stripes!!!!!  You never know when you will hear that first “POP!” showing off those wonderful stripes!!!!!

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