Spring Forward: Getting Bouncy Again

So, on this lovely Thursday I have a little story that I want to share—it’s my story and it is the finding of the science that works for MY body. All of the Reshape with Ape videos and stories are shared in order to inspire and motivate–I’ve come a long way, and learned so much that I am ALWAYS willing to share! If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up!instagram

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We are all different and in the past 33 so odd years it has been quite a journey—my science project. I’ve learned SO much, but more importantly I have learned to LOVE my body as it is: FLAWS AND ALL! It took a while. A really long time actually. Those dimples on your booty that YOU see (because let’s face it, we often make up a story that no one else really sees…)…. Your tummy that just may not seem to ever be flat enough…. What else do you complain about??? Or, COMPARISONS. When you see something/someone on social media and you’re like, “Wait, how does someone look like that?” Well, today I want you to find a compliment for others, and for YOU! My favorite girl crush on Instagram is Savage Swim. Handmade bathing suits and all those chicks in them are STRONG!!! HOT!!! Plus, they often have dogs too! I freaking love it!! I appreciate their hard work and their bodies for what they are–their bodies!!!

Today—check out whatever your flaw may be, accept it, embrace it, compliment YOU—BECAUSE THIS IS ALL PART OF YOU!

You see, none of us will ever be perfect. I realized striving for perfection is impossible. Thanks to lots of Brene Brown’s books–“The Gift of Imperfection” should be in every single library! When I realized that, things became EASY–ERRR! Hit the easy button and do the dance! This is YOUR science project–and you are worth every moment spent learning all about YOU!

Since 2012, when I embarked on my first kettlebell cert journey and “drank the juice!,” I’ve focused on strength and not weight. I tell most people to smash their scales! I’ve went up and down and all around in weight. I get a little more “cushy” in the winter, but I still train hard and focus on kindness to my body. (I monitor my weight on weeks that I can be honest and not hard on myself—and it helps to keep track of my weight for pull ups!)

A few times in my life I have had low back issues; don’t we all at some point have some nagging issue that sets us on a different track than what we want?? The statistics are quite staggering how many of us have some pain that causes us trouble in our lifetime. Many live every day in pain. But, what can YOU do about it? You have to make a choice. Mine happens every now and then and really isn’t a problem, UNTIL IT IS A PROBLEM…. Want to know something amazing? By taking care of my body, listening, but still pushing it sometimes—I’ve been able to conquer and get back to movements that would be painful in a flare up.

Wanna know what I did?

LISTENED to my body–adopted amazing supportive resources such as Acupuncture (ANDREA BRAND—www.ABrandofAcupuncture.com), good eating (I always ask questions–THANK YOU JULIA!!!!!), physical therapy with Yoni (True Sports Physical Therapy), and the biggest thing I learned over the past couple of years: YOGA! I’ve had some amazing inspiration! (Peace Yoga! Yoga Centric! TARAH in Paia!) And I love it. I freaking LOVE yoga! And, it helps oh so much. So, while this back crap sets me back I can make a choice: let it consume me, or embrace it as a period to learn and change. Can you guess what I did? Got my yoga on among other helpful remedies.

I wasn’t sure what this 2016 season would look like for me since I wasn’t able to compete in October—my off season was spent rehabbing in Costa Rica and then getting all the big lifts really solid and tight. I even took a field trip to New Jersey to meet with Scott Paltos to get some hands on cues to rock the lifts! When my back was gnarred, I could barely drive to work without pain. It wasn’t fun. Lots of rehab and training without pain—there’s always something you can do even if it is just walking–Schmorb enjoys long walks too!

Guess what? I’m BACK! I’m being realistic and humble as crap b/c I obviously do not want that pain to creep back into my journey….

As the Spring season started to quickly approach and all the competitions started hitting the calendars, I still wasn’t sure. My first competition is the Tactical Strength Challenge on April 23rd. This is the one I missed in October, 2015. I signed up for the Elite category b/c….. well, I have no clue because the 20kg snatch test is AWFUL. I decided it was a challenge last year, but getting my body back to there has been a struggle. Lots of humbleness and accepting my current story. I love snatches, truly. I’m kinda weird. The 16kg snatch test is my THANG! It’s exhilarating! And, I rocked it my first TSC in 2014ish? But, I have only being snatching 20kg for approximately 5-6 weeks again. My pull up goal is 3x with 5kg (that’s approximately 10 pounds). And my deadlift…. Well, I will be happy if I can meet my numbers from last year’s meet in August since I had to completely start over with that. It’s all for fun though. A little test of my booty chomp!

As if that wasn’t enough, I decided to also hang out and compete with some amazingness and awesomeness on May 7th. These are all local events, so WHY NOT!!? I’m super stoked. So, May 7th is my second powerlifting meet. I can’t believe i’m doing it again! Gotta be humble, but i’m excited. Here’s the story I’m holding onto: I have to believe in myself and know that whatever I do is MY personal best. It’s hard sometimes, because i’m hard on myself. But, i’m not striving for perfection—i’m striving just to be ME. A STRONG-GRRR ME! The best ME I can be! And that feels fantastic!

Ok, so there’s on more part to this long STORY!

Clearly this turned into a longer blog post than I expected… Are you still with me?

When you aren’t exercising or pulling as much weight as you were before “crap broke bad,” you really have to control your diet. And, by diet–I do not mean some “trend” that dictates what you can and cannot eat. I mean my diet is WHAT I EAT. My diet is my story. My science for my body. Here’s my favorite part—I love life! And, I freaking LOVE food. I love to eat and I love to splurge. #becauseflavorboners I typically allow myself a couple of desserts as my treat and truly indulge and love every bite until i’m satiated—not overly full. I love homemade stuff, and anything else can pound sand b/c I have no interest. It has to be worth my treaty treat!

Cutting back on treats is always my biggest challenge.

Well, for this meet I signed up for the 148 weight class. There wasn’t an in between (162 is the next category) and my happy weight is anywhere between 152-155. I even hit 156 earlier in the year! So, do you think I’m adding training days to my program? NOPE. Do you think i’m adding in cardio? HECK NO! I’m honing in on my diet.

Working on the science to my body.

Feeling out how things are happening and what works efficiently to keep my weight down. That means a little less dessert, cleaning up my carb intake—I eat grains, I eat potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and oatmeal….., and really listening to my body. It means that over Easter, I had to really determine what was worthy and what was not. I made it. And today, I am down another pound—my treat that was worthy– Mommom’s cake with ah-maze balls whipped icing! #likewoah I smelled it, thought about it, and determined it was truly worthy! And, oh my goodness was IT!!!!

So, the best month ever in the year (YOU KNOW WHY!!!) arrives tomorrow and i’m getting my bounce back! I’m feeling bouncy! I’m feeling STOKED!!! Are you getting bouncy? Need help getting your bounce back???

Here’s a thought–I’ve been thinking a LOT about this too, especially when I send Julia a text whining about something…..Could it be that many of us know what has to be done in order to achieve our goals, but the hard work tends to be where we fall apart??? So many of us want instant results which is why the diet market is off the hook. Let’s face it, taking food to a family event is a little awkward because sometimes people take it offensively that you can’t eat what is there or that you brought your own food. You have to determine how much your goal means, and how you are going to ensure that you can achieve it. Are you prepared? Can you better prepare? Have you changed your brain? What do you feel like is your biggest barrier?

What exactly is the story you are living? We all have the ability to change our stories, especially this time of the year when everything begins to bloom, grow, and seemingly get the second chance– #becausesunshine

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