About Ape





AAS Paralegal Studies

BA Jurisprudence

SFG Kettlebell Instructor (originally certified RKC)
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Waterart, Spinning, and TRX





Women & Youth Fitness
Small Group Training


Meet Ape

APRIL started her fitness journey by running 5Ks and trail runs, especially ones close to her heart because of her support for the various sponsoring organizations.  She now has transitioned into kettlebell training, which has not only helped her to find strength, but has assisted her clients as well.  APRIL is StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.  She also has certifications as an Aquatics and Cycling Instructor.  APRIL is well known for her eclectic music in cycling classes, as well as for her kettlebell classes where she often yells an assortment of inspiring words.

Throughout her training, APRIL continues to set goals to further her “inner Ape.”  Her goals are not only help her to grow as an individual, but also serve as inspiration for others.  She believes that education is essential in life and we should never stop learning.  Through her continuing education, she believes that being exposed to people allows her to help them better their lives and entice them to continue their goals.  She teaches people to pursue the idea of “digging deep” and finding the real person inside of them, full of confidence.  APRIL decided to inspire others further with the development of her website, Reshape with Ape.  She not only blogs to share her research and insight, but she also writes the Health and Fitness Column for the Dagger Press (www.daggerpress.com).

Although APRIL is a full-time paralegal, the fitness industry is her true passion.  While her life is full of scheduled events, APRIL always ensures that there is time for some hiking with her husband and four-legged kid.  APRIL also has a passion for animals, and helps promote the love of the wiggles through animal advocacy, as well as assisting in the prosecution of animal cruelty.  APRIL enjoys traveling and hopes to travel to great place near and far.


·         Biggest Obstacle

– My schedule

·         Favorite Exercise

– Turkish Get Up

·         Favorite Quote(s)

– “Make your butt eat your pants!” (I say this a lot, but I stole it from Danyelle Berger)

– “Can’t is NOT a word.”

– “Dig deep and find the awesome person inside.”

·         Inspiration

– Strong women like Danyelle Berger, Karen Smith, Lauren Brooks, Juliet Gotthart, and Laura Nepodal


-My amazing trainer, Joe Sansalone

·         Perfect Day

-Wow, that’s tough—either at Raven Haven in Catoctin, MD with some hiking, climbing, doggie love, reading, and listening to nature


A day on a beach with my hubby, reading, frolicking in the water, scuba diving, and soaking up the sun!

·         Three Things Always in Her Fridge

– Eggs, lots of vegetables (brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli), and coconut milk

·         Proudest Moment

– Graduating from college with honors, passing my RKC Cert, getting my first unassisted neutral grip pull up–CONTINUAL GROWTH!

·         First Job

– Working at a snowball stand and a law office at 15!

·         Something She Never Leaves Home Without

– A smile….Or a kettlebell (always 1 in my car!)

·         Indulgence

– Ice Cream!!!

·         One Word People Use to Describe Her

– Crazy

MORE about Ape:

I absolutely LOVE animals.  (This was one of my favorite moments of life!)