“I am very thankful to have experienced training with April! She has really taught me a ton and I hope to continue working and tweaking those things! Her ability to interact personally and professionally really made me feel extremely comfortable. She is just want I was looking for in a trainer, fun and very intuitive to my body type and abilities! I would recommend Ape to anyone who is looking to get that extra push. She offers nutrition hints and cares more about your goals than you may! Thanks Ape, you’re the best!” — Megan Chalk

“I have trained with April on several different occasions and found her to be very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to fitness.  April trained me utilizing cycling, kettlebells and TRX Suspension Training.  April is very patient and friendly.  She has a very upbeat training session so be prepared to work hard.  April makes working out fun.  I highly recommend April for any of your fitness goals.” — Kevin Cox


“I started to train one hour a week with April in November and her support and encouragement far exceeds that one hour, April will email and text me to see how I am feeling, how my diet is going, send positive quotes and encourages me when I become frustrated. Since meeting April I have stepped up m workout regimen to many different areas of fitness. I can finally see a difference in the mirror! With having April in my corner motivating me I feel as though I can and will achieve my fitness goals. Thank you April for all your support and guidance.” — Beth Atkins


“I’m a total newb when it comes to fitness but April made me feel comfortable as soon as we met. She set up a great, challenging, full body routine for me that I know I can not only accomplish now but that can be modified as I grow in my new healthy lifestyle. She made sure I understood each exercise before we moved on and kept me positive with her great attitude. I had almost lost hope that I would ever reach my fitness goals but she gave me the confidence that I can and will succeed! And each time I see her at the gym she’s ready with an encouraging smile or word to keep me moving forward! With a trainer like April anyone can accomplish their goals!” — Kelly Burkholder

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